All About Rave Parties in Kasol – Why It is Banned & Illegal Now

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Kasol is a small village in Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Initially, this village got famous because of cannabis plantation, hot springs at manikaran and rave parties in Kasol. In this post, we are going to tell why Rave Parties is illegal and banned in Kasol (Parvati valley).

Below, we have shot a place where you can see a platform where artists used to perform during these rave parties.

Below Places used to be the Venue of Rave Parties in Kasol:

Rave Parties in Kasol

  1. Chalal Village: This is located at opposite end of Kasol, beside Parvati River. The main reason of keeping this place as a venue for Rave parties is that there is no motorable road to this village. The only option of reaching this village is through walk.

Second reason of keeping Chalal Village as a venue is that it is surrounded by dense forests, so loud music could work here.


  1. Pulga Kalga Village: When local authorities and police got strict against rave parties that used to happen in Kasol then organizers found another venue. This new venue was Pulga & Kalga village of Parvati Valley. The main reason of keepimg them as a venue is again that these villages are secluded and there is no motorable road to them.
  2. Choj Village: This village is also similar to Chalal as it is near Kasol. You need to cross a river bridge to reach this village. Dense forest of Choj village were also becoming a major venue of these rave parties in Kasol.

So, these were the major venue of famous rave parties in Kasol. Other than these, there were few other venue like Grahan Village ( 8 kms of trek from main market of Kasol), Tosh Kutla village (kutla is 3 kms of trek from Tosh).

Artists Of These Parties:

Most of the time, these parties were arranged by Israeli tourists and artists were among them. Trance music is common theme in these type of parties. Currently, you cannot plan any get together or party by naming it trance because authorities assume that trance music is linked to illegal activities.

Reasons – Why Rave Parties Is illegal & Banned in Kasol:

There are many reasons for banning these types of parties in Kasol. The primary reason is of illegal drugs consumption. As, we know that marijuana is not legal in India so many time attendees were found taking these drugs in parties. Local authorities and police received multiple complaints about illegal drugs usage, crime and illegal activities happened during these parties.

The secondary reason being rapid commercialization. During last 5 years, more than 80 new hotels and guest houses have been opened in and around Kasol. Due to this, these party organizers have stopped arranging these types of parties. Earlier, there use to be only local people but now due to more foot fall of Indian tourists.

These are the main reasons of banning these types of parties in Kasol.

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