Tips on How to Become a Full Time Traveler

Become a full time traveler

If you ask, every second person has a passion for travelling. And why not? Travel allows you to take a break from the everyday mundane of life, you explore new feelings in life, you meet so many different kinds of people. Some people who decide to just do this in life and if you are one of those we hope this blog helps you in some way…

Here are some tips on how to become a full time traveler:

  1. Remote Work- Probably the easiest way to travel full time without leaving your corporate job is to ask your employer for remote work. With the current world situation, it has never been easier to get remote work. With your new-found location freedom, there’s really no one stopping you from going to the different places.

2. Being a travel blogger- Being an established travel blogger allows you to take brand deals. Brands literally pay you and sponsor your trip at the same time. But remember reaching to this point takes time. You need to build an audience, credibility on the internet, have patience and results could be stunning.

3. Trip Leading- Probably the easiest thing on this list is working as a guide, trip leader, working in an NGO. You may not get a lot of freedom in your travels but you will get to travel a lot through this method and maybe even get paid for this. In this way, you can fill your wanderlust without paying a penny.

4. Own Homestay / Guest House – People who have excess money, they can take a property on lease near their favorite tourist place. In this way, you generate reasons for you to visit the nearby tourist places. If you are lucky and have decent contacts, then it can generate huge side income for you.

5. Digital Nomad- The last but not the least. Being a digital nomad. When someone says he or she is a digital nomad this can mean a variety of things. In a nutshell, a digital nomad is a person who works online for his entire life. He can get a job from around the world and can work anywhere as long as he has a laptop and an internet connection.

Remember, “Rome was not built in a day”. whichever path you may take it will become difficult. There will be times you will question yourself “why am I doing this ?” You will cry a lot and you are not going to see the results as quickly as you may want. Always have your long term vision in mind and if you love travelling we are sure you will find a way.



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