Best Places to Visit in Kasol, Tosh & Pulga Village (Parvati Valley)

places to visit in Kasol Tosh

Kasol-Tosh-Pulga is one of those trips where one can find a perfect balance of nature, adventure and a sprinkle of parties. In this post, we are going to mention best places to visit in Kasol, Tosh & Pulga Village.

Once an offbeat village on the bank of Manikaran, Kasol is now one of the most happening destinations with the name of ” mini Israel” of India. Kasol is one of those places where one can see two very different cultures living with each other. On one hand, you have peaceful scenic forests so beautiful one can sit for hours on a riverside bank with a cup of chai and some music. On the other hand, the place is famous for its loud music, cafes, alcohol and rave parties.

Our Favorite & Best Hangout Place to Visit in Kasol

places to visit in Kasol ToshOn our trip, we visited the Chalal bridge and if you are a photographer or are just looking for some good shots you will strike gold on your first day. The hike was comfortable and when you are standing on the bridge with the river right below your feet, cold air striking your face and the quietness around the area it feels as if this is what one should have in life. There is a short descend where one comes across a local food joint.

Kasol like many other places is in-between its transformation. From once a remote village to now a happening small town with some of the best cafes it has something for everyone.

Our Experience of Exploring Tosh Village

places to visit in Kasol Tosh

Our visit to tosh was a pleasant adventure. The trek is quite easy even for non-trekking people. You get to visit many famous and local cafes like ” Pink Floyd” and ” Shalom Cafe” on the way to tosh waterfall. Just as you are about to reach the waterfall there is a small food joint called “Aunty ki Dukan” People usually take a rest here as the Maggi she makes is something you should not skip.

The waterfall has a good sitting area with 2 local food joints serving on each side of the river. The sound of the waterfall, the calmness of the forest, a bowl of Maggi and a good cup of tea. You will find people there just enjoying a smoke with some good music and little laughs.

Experience of Visiting Fairy Forest in Pulga Village of Parvati Valley

places to visit in Kasol Tosh

On the last day of our trip, we had the chance to visit Pulga. One of the 3 villages of Kalga, Pulga & Tulga. Pulga is still one of the last untouched places of kasol. With no roads to the village, the only option is to trek. You will find the trek to be a painless journey except for a few meters of uphill climb at the beginning of the trek.

We believe this trek remains the main reason why Pulga is still such an untouched place with no roads reaching the village the only option that you have is the trek. Although the place is quite remote when you reach the village its a different world. You will find graffiti on almost every corner. A traditional ‘machan’ was the most interesting structure in the village. Even a simple walk in the village can be fascinating. You will find Hebrew speaking tourists enjoying the morning sun, locals enjoyed a game of volleyball. There were only 2-3 shops in the village and each looked like a tiny hut from the outside but had everything one can demand.

One of the must-visit place in pulga is the fairy forest.

True to its name, the forest is magical and walking into it is like stepping into another world. The trees are massive and up-right.

There is just the right amount of sun in the forest where you won’t warm but you’ll not feel cold either. Romantic trysts with nature in this modern day are precious.

Overall if you want to travel where you don’t lose connectivity, want to have good food and still be able to enjoy the calmness of nature then a Kasol-Tosh-Pulga trip will be perfect for you.

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