Top 8 Best Places to visit in Kasol – Things to do in Kasol

We have our own property in Kasol with name “Kasol Hills Camps & Cottages”. So, as a local perspective we are going to list our favorite 8 best places to visit in Kasol.  We will be listing our favorite place at first place and so on. If you are planning to visit Kasol then all these places can be covered if you plan for longer stay.

Kasol got famous due to rave parties. Now, these parties are banned here – know the reason 

This list is containing all in and around best places to visit in Kasol

Places to visit in Kasol

  1. Evergreen Café

This is a 16 years old café in Kasol famous for Israel, Continental and Chinese cuisines. This café has got 3 different types of sitting. Open air restaurant sitting for couples, Entrance sitting suitable for families and ground floor sitting for gang. Situated at the end of main market, this is a must visit places for feeling the hippie vibes of Kasol, Parvati valley.

Our Favorite Cuisine – Falafal


  1. Moon Dance Café & Bar

This Café is situated just in the centre of main market. During peak season of May – June, almost all the tables remains occupied in the evening. We visited the bar and found the menu at very reasonable rate.

Our Favorite Cuisine – Cheese Chilli with Garlic Noodles

  1. Chalal Villageplaces to visit in Kasol

With just half an hour of normal walk from main market of Kasol, you can reach adjacent village – Chalal. This village is famous for parties and this time we took an entry pass of Psychedelic evening at Freedom café. Some People say that this village is also famous among stones to score weed. We got different vibes from this place & loved this experience.


  1. Choj Village

Just 2 kms ahead of main market, after crossing a river bridge we reached a village called Choj. This seems to be small village with some cafes at the top. You can spend an evening sipping virgin mojito with amazing views of Parvati Valley.


  1. Manikaran Hot Springs

This is a big sikh gurudwara located 4 kms from Kasol. There is regular bus service from Kasol to Manikaran or you can get one side taxi in just 300 Indian rupees. You can take natural physiotherapy in Hot Springs Pool of Manikaran. Gurudwara has one inside and one outside pool for visitors for taking a holy dip. There is a hot cave as well for taking natural sauna bath to relax body.


  1. Pulga Village

This is located 18 kms away from main Kasol. You can take a bus from Kasol to Pulga dam. With 30 minutes of walk from dam will take you to a beautiful village of Parvati valley called Pulga. This village if famous for fairy forest (pine trees are planted in alignment) that adds to the beauty of this place.


  1. Kheerganga Trek

This is a famous 2 days up-down trek near Kasol. One side length of this trek is 13 kms.

Kheerganga is mainly famous for natural hot water springs. Karthik ji’s cave is another attraction in Kheerganga which has a significance with Lord Shiva. Karthik ji is Lord Shiva’s elder son and it is believed that he meditated in Kheerganga for many years.


  1. Tosh Village

This is similar to Pulga village but the difference is that Tosh can be reached by motarable road. Due to this, Tosh village got more commercialized with hotel constructions. You can visit Tosh waterfall approachable by 2 kms of easy trek from main village.

Checkout Kasol – Tosh Itinerary Here

So, if you are planning a trip for Kasol, then you can add these places in your list.

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