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KheerGanga Trek is a famous adventure trekking expedition located in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is an easy trek of 14 kilometers which starts from the base location, Barsheni.

The meaning of word “Kheer-Ganga”

“Kheer” is a traditional Indian Sweet dish which is white in color and Ganga is a famous river which originates from mountain glacier called “Gaumukh”.

So, Kheer-Ganga signifies river streams which is crystal clear originating from the Himalayas.


According to a mythology, Kartik Ji (elder son of Lord Shiva) visited Kheer-Ganga for meditation. He was so much mesmerized with this place that he stayed there for many years.

A famous Lord Shiva temple is located in Kheerganga. There are many interesting stories which are being shared by local villagers. It is a daily ritual to take blessings from the temple before entering into the natural hot water springs.

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We are giving details about the trek, nearby attractions, stay options and famous glacier treks. Before that, we are sharing details of reaching the base location of Kheerganga Trek, Barsheni.

Base Location of KheerGanga Trek: How to Reach Barsheni

By Road: National Highway & State Highways connects major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh with the base location of Kheerganga trek called Barsheni.

Delhi to Barsheni is a 12 to 14 hours of journey.

By Air: There is a nearby domestic airport at Kullu District. Flights from major cities like Delhi are available which is a 1.5 hours journey.

After landing at Kullu airport, it is a 2 to 3 hours of journey from Kullu Airport to Barsheni on taxi.

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek

There are two routes for reaching Kheerganga. One is through Rudranag and another way is through Kalga Village. It is recommended to go via Rudranag which is quite easy as well as beautiful than Kalga Village.

Start early in the morning and aim to reach Kheer-Ganga before evening. This moderate trek takes around 4 to 6 hours. This journey is going to stay with you for lifetime as the way passes through beautiful terrains, water streams, valley and wonderful landscapes.

After reaching Kheerganga, take a dip in the holy water of Natural Hot Water Springs. It is believed that this natural springs has ailment healing properties. This pleasant hot water bath will eradicate all the fatigue from the body. The view from the top is ultimate with magnificent mountain ranges and lush green valley.

You would find people from different nations like Austria, Israel , UK etc who once visited this place and staying here since long. There is a cultivation of weed plantation in KheerGanga. So, you would find hippies consuming Charas (marijuana) made with fresh natural weed plant.

Visit traditional cafes at the top and enjoy your stay in the lapse of beautiful Himalayas.

Stay Options in KheerGanga Village

Operator Camps: There are many local tour operators which have set up permanent camps in Kheerganga. You need to book these camps in advance during peak season.

Village Guest House and Home Stays: Local people are welcoming and always ready to share interesting stories about the location. So, these Homestays and Guest houses gives an opportunity to mix with the local people and getting acquainted with their culture.

Running Tents: Another option is to carry your running tents and pitch it at your desired location in Kheerganga. Carrying your own tents on a 14 kilometers long trek could be difficult so we recommend you to pre book permanent tents.

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Kheerganga camps


Famous Treks near KheerGanga

  1. Boon Booni Trek: If a person is looking for an adventure above Kheerganga, there is a Glacier Trek of 3 to 4 hours and this place gets covered with snow all year around.
  2. Pin Parvati Trek (17,426 feet):  It is a high altitude trek of 10 days long that requires physical strength, fitness, and prior trekking experience. It passes through a high altitude Mantalai Lake of 13,500 feet.  This trekking expedition showcases the mesmerizing beauty of Lahaul, Spiti and Parvati Valley.
  3. Malana Trek: Malana is a small village in the Parvati Valley which is known for the oldest democracy of the world. This village is popular for “Malana Cream” which is made from weed plant and weed cultivation is the only source of earning for Malana People.

Stay Options near Barsheni (Base Location)

Spending a day, week or a month in Kheerganga village is itself a wonderful experience. There are many villages near the base location of Kheerganga Trek which offers great options for stay.

  1. Pulga Village:  It is mainly famous for camping, bonfire, traditional Himachali culture and offers scenic beauty. This village lies 15 minutes walking distance from Barsheni.
  2. Tosh Village: This village is just 5 kilometers from Barsheni which can be reached by car. Tosh offers Guest Houses and Homestays for the tourists.
  3. Kalga Village: Kalga lies in the way of Kheerganga trek which also offers great options of camping in the beauty of Himalayas.
  4. Kasol:  It is a famous town which can offer from luxury hotels to camping along the Parvati river. There are many famous cafes like Hippie trail which offers Israeli, Chinese and Continental food.

Final Words: Necessities of Kheerganga Trek   

  1. Trek Guide: Kheerganga Trek passes through dense forests, green fields, and water streams. It is better to have a local trek guide who can explain all the things on the way.
  2. Winter Clothes: During winters, Kheerganga is covered with snow and temperature goes below 0 degree Celsius. During Summers, the temperature remains around 8 – 15 degree Celsius which requires winter clothes.
  3. Advance Booking: Tourists prefer to book their stay in advance in Kheerganga.

For more information and bookings, you can get in touch with our support team. Check our contact menu at the top “ Submit Your Query”.

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