Famous & Historical Temples in North India – Top 10 North Indian Temples List

Akshardham Temple - North Indian Temples

India is famous for historical and famous destinations for tourists. Today we have listed down top 10 North Indian Temples with their name and photos. They are the best tourist destination in India.

Baijnath Temple

Baijnath Temple - North Indian Temples

It is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to Hindu mythology, the shiva-linga kept at Baijnath temple is brought by the king of Lanka, Ravana.

He worshipped Lord Shiva in the Kinner Kailash and Lord Shiva got impressed with him. So, Lord Shiva blessed him and took the form of shiva-linga. Ravana was not supposed to keep the Linga on ground as told by Lord Shiva.

While returning to Lanka, Ravana made a halt at Baijnath and went to relieve himself. So he handover shiva-linga to a local farmer and  told him not to place the linga on ground. As, farmer found it too heavy to hold it for long. So, he placed the linga on ground. Shiva-Linga got freezed over there and temple is being built at that place called Baijnath Temple.

Churdhar Temple

Churdhar Temple - North Indian Temples

It is a temple in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. Churdhar is the highest peak in the western Himalayas and temple at the top is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is a moderate trek of 18 kilometers to reach Churdhar peak.

This trek is completely rewarding as it gives panoramic view of Himalayan ranges from the top. It is recommended to start the trek in the early morning, keep yourself hydrated and keep light luggage to make the most of this trek.

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple - North Indian Temples

This temple displays millennia of traditional Hindu culture, architecture and spirituality. It is located near Yamuna bank and 2010 commonwealth village, Delhi. The temple features Hall of values, theatre, Nilkanth Abhishek , Narayan Sarovar and much more. It is a must place for those coming to explore the capital of India, New Delhi.

Vaishno Devi Temple

Vaishno Devi Temple - North Indian Temples

It is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site in Jammu state. It is a 14 kilometers trek from base location, Katra. This distance could be easily covered in 6-9 hours. Huge number of pilgrimages reach Vaishno Devi temple during Navratra festival. There is an another famous temple named Bairo baba temple above Vaishno Devi Temple. Temple experience snowfall during winters in the month of December-January. During summers, climate & temperature is suitable for tourists.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple - North Indian Temples

It is a famous pilgrimages site built by sikh guru, Guru Ram Das. It is located in the city- Amritsar(Punjab). The walls of the gurudwara is covered with rich gold plates. That is why, the name is called as “ The Golden Temple”.

There are many tourists places that can be covered along with golden Temple like Jallianwala Bagh, Durgyana Temple, Wagah Border. Golden Temple is also called as Harminder Sahib Ji. There is a sacred lake in Golden Temple. People take a dip in the holy water of this lake to get rid of their sins.

Tera manzil Temple – Rishikesh

Tera manzil Temple – Rishikesh - NOrth Indian Temples

It is a multi storey temple located on the banks of river Ganga. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and situated in the Yoga capital of the world- Rishikesh. Laxman Jhula is an iron suspension bridge over river Ganga. One side of Laxman Jhula has famous market of Rishikesh and other side have famous temples like Bharat Temple, Gita Bhawan, Raghunath Temple.

Prem Mandir

Prem Mandir - North Indian Temples

Its is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is located in Vrindavan, Mathura. Huge crowd gathers in Prem Mandir for attending evening aarti. It took about 1000 artists and 12 long years to buid this temple. This temple is maintained by a non profit organization. The foundation was laid by Kripalu Maharaj in the presence of thousands of devotees.

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

Bangla Sahib Gurudara - Famous Delhi Temples

It is a famous Sikh pilgrimages site located in Connaught Place, Delhi. According to a survey, It is ranked as one of the best tourist place to visit in Delhi. It means that people  from all religions, countries, mindset visit this gurudwara to take blessings. There is a sacred lake in the Gurudwara where people are seeing take a dip in its holy water.

Bhairon Temple- Delhi

Bhairon Temple- Delhi- North Indian Temples

This temple is located near the Purana Kila, Delhi. The interesting thing about this temple is that devotees offer  liquor as a Prasad. Even, the beggars accept liquor outside the Bhairon Temple. The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan.   According to a deity,  Bhairon baba is a form of Lord Shiva. If you happen to visit Delhi, then come to Bhairon baba temple for blessings.

Neel Kanth Mahadev Temple

Neel Kanth Mahadev Temple - North Indian Temples

This temple is situated on the outskirts of Rishikesh. It is situated at a height of 1336 metres above sea level. The Temple is dedicated to Neelkanth, form of Lord Shiva. The temple is surrounded by the valleys like Manikoot, Vishnukoot, Brahmakoot.  According to a Hindu mythology, it is a place where Lord Shiva consumed poison when God and demons churned the ocean to obtain Amrit.

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