Pushkar Camel Fair Festival In Rajasthan – Story Of Brahma Temple

Pushkar Camel Fair 2017 - Review, Bramha Temple & History

Pushkar is a small town famous for Lord Brahma Temple, Sacred Lake, and Camel Fair. Pushkar Camel fair is organized every year in the month of October. The popularity of this event is rising with a huge number of tourists from all across the world.

Pushkar city is surrounded by the hills all around. Nilgiri hills in the north, Ratnagiri in the south, Suryagiri in the east and Sanchoora in the west.

How to Reach Pushkar

  • By Road: The distance of Pushkar from Delhi is 420 kilometers. It’s a 8 to 10 hrs journey through Delhi-Ajmer Highway. The highway is well maintained by Highway Authority of India.
  • By Air: The nearest Airport is Jaipur. Pushkar is further 150 kilometers from Jaipur.
  • By Railway: There is a direct connectivity of Pushkar from all major cities through railway.

About Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair 2017 - Review, Bramha Temple & History

Date of Fair: 28th October to 3rd November

Pushkar fair is one of the greatest events of India. Tourists witness the colors and culture of Rajasthan. Last year, 180000 tourists came and took part in various activities of Pushkar Camel Fair.

Activities like camel race, camping, hot balloon ride, camel dance, trading, camel race, rides, dancing, singing are performed here. There are around 50000 camels who participate in the Pushkar Camel Fair.

So, if you want to stay in less crowd, it is recommended to visit 4-5 days before camel fair.

Balloon Ride - Pushkar Mela

Farmers and camel could be seen approaching one week before. You will find camps/hotel stay at a reasonable price at this time. During Fair time, prices hikes by 5-10 times due to high demand.

There is a sacred lake at Pushkar which is being made by Lord Brahma. There are around 500 temples of all god – goddess around this sacred lake.

There is a festival ground where all the activities are performed. Outside the festival ground, there is a market where tourists can buy local stuff. Rajasthani men with 1 feet long mustache, Local ladies performing on Rajasthani beats can be seen during the fair.

The Story of Brahma Temple

The Story Of Brahma Temple - Pushkar Camel Fair

Why Lord Brahma has no temple except one in Pushkar??..

According to a Hindu scripture, Brahma fought with a demon who was harassing people. Brahma’s lotus petals fell on earth while fighting with the demon. These petals fell at the place which is being converted into the lake by Lord Brahma.

When lord Brahma came to this place, he decided to do yajna(fire-sacrifice) for the purity.  Brahma Ji’s wife Savitri’s presence was required to complete the yajna. As Goddess Savitri was not present at that time and Lord Brahma was supposed to complete that yajna at that time.

So, Lord Brahma requested Indra – Lord of the universe to find a suitable girl. With the consent of Lord Vishnu, priests performed yajna. When Savitri reached Pushkar, she found a lady named Gayatri sitting beside Brahma Ji at her rightful place.

Savitri Temple - Indian Temples

Savitri Ji cursed Brahma Ji that he would never be worshiped. She cursed Indra that he will lose in all the battles, Vishnu will get separated from his wife.

Gayatri diluted the curse of lord Brahma by making Pushkar as the only pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Brahma.

Savitri went to the Ratnagiri hill and there is a temple dedicated to Goddess Savitri.

Since tourists like to explore nearby places of Pushkar. So, we have given nearby attractions.

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Attractions Near Pushkar

  1. Jaipur: This city is well known for Palaces, Monuments, Forts, Indian ancient Architecture. Hence, it is also one of the best tourist places that should be covered with Pushkar. It is just 145 kilometers away from Pushkar connected via a beautiful highway.
  2. Ajmer: This city is just 15 km away from Pushkar and it is famous for Dargah Sharif, Jain temple, Akbar fort.


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