Pushkar Camel Fair Reviews from Our Traveller “Manas Satyadeep”

Manas Pushkar Camel Fair Reviews

We have got many interesting reviews from our travelers for Pushkar Camel Fair. Theses travelers have explored famous temples and Pushkar Camel Fair. We are posting a detailed review of a traveler named Manas Satyadeep.

Manas Pushkar Camel Fair Reviews

Manas Pushkar Camel Fair Reviews

Manas visited Pushkar along with 5 friends and we have posted his words for Pushkar Camel Fair as:

I started my journey from New Delhi along with my friends. We followed an itinerary: Delhi – Jaipur- Ajmer- Pushkar – Delhi. We hired a car from Delhi, firstly we explored palaces of Jaipur, Dargah at Ajmer and kept the best for the last i.e Pushkar Camel Fair. Delhi to Ajmer highway is plain and smooth.

We found hilly area before Pushkar and it took only 25 minutes to reach there from Ajmer. We reached one day before Pushkar camel fair, so we found a lot of camels, regional people approaching Pushkar on the way. Firstly, we visited the famous temple dedicated to Lord Brahma.

The Story Of Brahma Temple - Pushkar Camel Fair

There is a popular local market outside the Brahma Temple which is famous for local items and antiques.

There is a sacred Brahma lake near the temple. We found a lot of pilgrimages taking bath in the sacred water. It is believed that people wiped off their sins after taking a dip in this sacred lake.

We made 30 days advance booking of our stay as most of the hotels and camps were getting sold out. We had a memorable night stay in our hotel.

Pushkar Camel Fair - Mustache Man

Next day, we enjoyed the first day of Pushkar camel Fair. Regional artists were marvelous with their skills and we experienced the colors and culture of Rajasthan. We enjoyed a camel ride, turban making, regional dance, folk songs.

Our first day at Pushkar Mela was wonderful. We were supported to start our return journey on this day. But we extended our trip for next day as well. On the second day, more artists, hot balloon ride, and performances were there.  We also visited Goddess Savitri temple and you can have more knowledge about Pushkar from our previous post.

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We concluded our trip and it was the time to say goodbye to Pushkar Camel fair.

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