Secrets of Lord Shiva Temple – Bijli Mahadev Temple

There are number of wonderful temples of Lord Shiva in India. The one is found in the Kullu in Himachal Pradesh It is present on a high mountain near the confluence of Beas and Parvati river in Kullu city.

The complete history of temple is connected to Mahadev. The most secret or mysterious thing about this temple is-

It is believed that this valley is a form of giant snake in entire Kullu Valley. This snake was slaughtered by Lord Shiva. At the place where the temple is, there is a terrible celestial power falling in every twelve years on Shivaling.

Mystery of Temple:

Shivaling of temple broken by falling of electricity (Bijli). Here ,another secret is that the Lord Shiva come in dream of Priest and tell him about where the fragments of Shivaling fall.

After dream, they collects the pieces of broken Shivaling . Here the Priest collect pieces of fragment Shivaling and joined them with butter.

After few months , the Shivling again transforms to solid form. The inner side of temple where Shivling present is totally black due to the fall of electricity after every twelve years.

How to reach Bijli Mahadev:

The place is too scenic due to the location of the temple which is at the top most end of the Mathan hill. There are mobile towers beside the temple (downside) towards Parvati valley. BSNL and Airtel connections were working very well (as on May 2010).

To go to Bijli Mahadev, one has to reach Kullu (district head quarters) first from Delhi or other places.

Then, come to Ramshilla from Kullu which is very nearby (approx. 1Kms) and cross the bridge which is for crossing Beas river to go towards Bhunter or Manikaran.

Just after crossing the bridge, ask any local person to travel towards Bijli Mahadev hill. The road is towards Bhuntar and one has to take left side road (instead of going straight which goes towards Bhuntar) to climb the hill.

From Ramshilla motorable road is available till parking place which is 20Kms after Chansari village. From Chansari village parking place is 5Kms. Parking fee has to be given.

From this place 3-4 Kms trekking to be done to reach Bijli Mahadev. Trekking duration is 2-3 hrs with 3-4 rest points.


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