Stages of Recovery of Traveling During Covid-19

recovery of traveling during covid-19

Covid-19 has deeply impacted the travel industry. Many Large countries like Russia, Spain, USA & India had imposed complete lockdown to prevent more spread of this pandemic. But, keeping this lockdown longer is much affected their economy. So, all of us know that this Covid-19 recovery is going to take long. We must prepare ourselves to take safety precautions & continue to live a regular life.

recovery of traveling during covid-19

 All people are expecting that recovery of traveling during Covid-19 is going to be occurred in stages. These stages are named and explained below as:

1. Domestic Travel by Private Vehicle

With all safety measures, we are expecting domestic travel across states to get open. Like, family members booking a complete 4 bedroom Homestay in Himalayas and going by their private car could be seen as a first stage in traveling.

Hotels, Guest Houses, Homestays & Restaurants are being given guidelines by the Govt. to follow safety & hygiene. Most of the properties listed with OTA (, MakeMyTrip etc.) are being given list of these hygiene. Those who fulfill all these parameters, these properties are being marked with special safety label on their portals.

  1. Weekend Getaways – Group Tour

Group Tour is trip organized for a bunch of solo travelers to explore places together. There are many companies which are organizing these types of tours. The main motto of group tours to have more engagement as people love to interact with fellow travelers. Another reason is that these types of trips result in less budget as transportation and stay is divided among many.

Group Tour is going to be much affected due to Covid-19 as people are afraid of sharing their space with strangers. We need complete eradication of this pandemic if we want to be a part of these group tours.

  1. Domestic Travel by Air

As, visiting to a place through airplane requires more budget. So, this is going to be third recovery stage in traveling during Covid-19. This type of travel is helpful for state economy as well. Each state of every country is fighting their separate battle against Covid-19.

  1. Travelling Abroadrecovery of traveling during covid-19











This is the last recovery state in traveling during Covid-19. All of us believe that Covid1-19 is going to stay with us for long as cases are currently increasing each passing day. So, one cannot to think to plan for abroad travel until this pandemic is completely gone.

Many business are deeply impacted due to this pandemic like Export-Import, Textiles, Chemical, Steel, Mining etc. And it is being anticipated that this is going to take long to recover from it. Businesses like Tourism is among those which are expected to recover at the end. As, tourism being a “Want” not a “Necessity” for people, tour companies need to wait for long to get back on track.



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