My Three Days Stay in Kasol (Parvati Valley) During Winters by Rohan The Rover

Visiting Jibhi Valley

How I Made My Plan to Stay in Kasol, Parvati Valley

The colour of happiness is white & in Parvati Valley you witness white bubbly snow flakes covering your jacket. I planned my solo trip to stay in Kasol in mid January & met some crazy other travelers.

Having so many options to chose from I found an upcoming group tour on Go Hikes Instagram Account for weekend gateway to Kasol, Tosh & Pulga.

On January 24, Around 8’O clock in the evening, I and other fellow travelers who would soon turn into friends for life gathered at the boarding point. A giant wheeler bus that looked like from the Cyber-tron planet arrived to let us embark on the journey to the Disneyland of mountain loving adventure freaks.

It was a long haul journey, from Delhi to Bhuntar, 485 kms overnight, the fortunate fact was that the bus had recliner seats with enough space for my long legs along with a bio toilet. I got the window seat and I couldn’t ask for anything more from the universe.

Watching the city dust pass by, As I go far from the routine life the wanderlust in me constantly gazed at the moon in the clear sky

That has been accompanying my soul forever,No matter how many times I live and die.

Stay in Kasol











Reaching Bhuntar to Kasol & Stay in Kasol Campsite

Around 6’O clock in the morning I was alarmed by a truck running on highway honking. The bus took two halts for half an hour each and next thing I remember I was in Bhuntar around 9 am and we had to board the taxi arranged for us to reach our campsite in Kasol.

The cab rides with music that connects each other the joy ride bought us strangers together again as we were excited to discover the place. Near the Zero km Kasol milestone, the narrow lane going down towards the flowing water of River Parvati we had the first glimpse of our camps and beautiful garden with four little kittens that jumped here and there all the time.

Having the traditional Maggie bowl and Ginger Chai as breakfast with kittens in the mountains is an total elite experience as it makes you warm in the cold weather and feels like home.

We had to go and check out the superb cafes in the evening so it was the time for some rest. Around 5 in the evening we went to checkout the cafes and local market in Kasol. The Bhoj cafe had a delicious menu and Snooker table to chill out with good music and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t smell the magic in the air. It’s Kasol after all, Mini Israel of India, the hash capital of the world.

The bonfire session was not possible as the rain took over and we had to eat dinner inside our camps which was fun. As the movies Into the Wild goes on teaching us “Happiness is real when shared.”

Kasol to Tosh Journey

Stay in Kasol










The next day was a big day for all of us as we had to trek to Tosh which needed energy so we dozed off on time. What a sleep it was, peaceful, calming and like the one that restarts your system.

The taxi was waiting for as we left the campsite and went all the way towards Barshaini to start our uphill trek to Tosh. The sun was rising up and ice started to melt and no surprise we have to walk on the same ground. A trekking stick and shoes with grip becomes necessary for such terrains.

Listening to the music played in the speaker, feeding the  dogs on my way and seeing the mighty glorious white peaks on the father Himalayas with mist resting on the top, I was stunned by the beauty and thrilled by the adventure. Reached the Pink Floyd cafe atop the hill going through allies with local puppies waving their tails as we arrive and kids running through fast on the up – down trek.

No wonder them children were faster than us grown ups while walking on icy floors.

Watching the seven peaks all together cover in snow and making clouds was a meditative practice for someone straight outta office cubical. A gateway to the feeling of being in paradise, a holiday to feed the wanderlust soul.

We had our lunch and we had to trek down to Barshaini and head our ways to the Pulga village. A hamlet in the valley where gods come to relax. A spot in the jungle where the stories of being one with nature are true. Fairy forest, A part of land borrowed from heaven and put on the planet earth for those in search of something beyond materialistic achievements.

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Stay & Amazing Host in Pulga Village

Stay in Pulga











The route to the villages was quite a maze as the dense pine trees all around and seventy percentom of the visible view is snow. On the way we were guided by the Shepards and fluffy dogs paved our way. Half a kilometer before the village Sidhu Bhai, A man who is practicing his religion of freedom in cathedrals of utmost peace. Our host in the wooden house in Pulga.

An artist who carve woods and give them shapes of ships and Shiva. The wooden cottage of Pulga where we stayed was a masterpiece of Man architectural ability to live in the woods of Himalayas. Spotting a Leopard or a Beer from some 7 – 8 kms away in on the slope is not a much of an issue in the village. Right next to the cottage is the play school for kids run by govt. It has 22 students with 3 different teachers.

Life is hard here but its amazingly beautiful. We were having a local cuisine dinner and some special vegetables that only grow in the mountain temperature. Be it vegetarian or non vegetarian, there is something in Himachali local cuisine that is like a blessing from the fertile lands of this place. A taste that lets you know what its like to eat fresh and healthy and organic which is something most of us having been missing from our daily lives.

I shouldn’t be caged forever, There is always a way out,

Found some wind beneath my wings And I flew straight out,

Oh dear valley keep me forever

I don’t want to know the way out I find my soul uplifted here

I breath my freedom now

I am not in a dream this is reality Oh my god, Life is WOWW.

Time to Bid Adieu

Knowing that tomorrow is the day of departure, but I was not in the mood to say goodbye. To make the most of it I and Sidhu bhai, decided to show me around some if his spots for star gazing. After a 10 min walk we reached the stones amd we could see the gleaming moon and stars and next i know i was dissolved in the aura of that beautiful night in Parvati Valley. A big hug and thanks to team Go Hikes, Abhishek and Sidhu bhai for making this a memorable experience for all of us.

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