My Trip Experience of Visiting Jibhi Valley – By Samarth

Visiting Jibhi Valley

JIBHI, a place I did not expect would become so special for me. Jibhi is one of those places which doesn’t really call you. Places like Spiti or Kasol have a lot of buzz around them but not Jibhi. This one is a really quiet place. In this post, I am sharing my memorable experience of visiting Jibhi Valley.

Magical Valley – Jibhi

Located in a remote place in Tirthan valley, Jibhi & Jalori pass trek are kind of places for those who want peace around them. Because of its remote nature and being an off-beat place Jibhi doesn’t attract many tourists but that’s exactly a part of its charm.

Our stay in Jibhi was very cosy. It was a wooden cabin with an outside sitting area down some stairs, an indoor sitting area with soft music. the kind of music you would hear from someone who likes Mellon Collie. What I really love about these tourist places in Himachal is that they never compromise on the food. No matter where you go, No matter how remote the place might be they will always give you the best of what they have.

That’s How We Started in a Group Tour

The first day was all road travel. Our bus was stopped right at the entrance of Himachal, from there we had to take a taxi which was supposed to take us right to our stay. It was at this time everyone got introduced to each other. We were a total of 12 people travelling together. Some were students, some were going for higher studies, some desperately needed a break from what we all call “life”.

To be quite frank nothing really happened in the day. Everyone were so tired all we could see was a bed but the night…

A Memorable Night

As I mentioned before the place has some kind of magic. Our host arranged a huge Bonfire for us, Bottles were opened, Things were lit on fire and suddenly strangers felt like friends. There’s something different when you travel with a group of strangers. You could be anything but somehow you end up choosing your truest self. We are really conscious of our surroundings but in a remote village in Himachal, Who’s really watching? We drank, we sang, we told stories of each other and we danced the night away.

Jalori Pass Trek

The next morning was supposed to be an adventure. Today we were supposed to go on a small trek in Jalori pass. The trek was supposed to be a snow trek. The kind where snow touches your knees and you have to make your own way in the cold. Upon reaching there all I could see was snow-capped mountains for as far as one could see. You are supposed to witness a 360° view of Himalayas. The trek was tough, I would not lie to you. Finding your way in that snow was difficult. Sometimes the snow would get in your shoes and it would feel really cold but it was worth it. When you reach the top, GOD THE VIEW…… The view is something I believe no one can describe in words, Its one of those things you would have to see to believe.

visiting Jibhi Valley

Time to Return

The last day ( not coincidentally ) was Christmas eve. Because of the place’s remote nature not much could be arranged for us but by now singing and dancing with these people, helping each other on the trek it didn’t really matter what was arranged and what not. Give us a Bonfire and each other’s company and we would be the happiest travelers you could meet.

As I keep saying it was magic, A magic called Jibhi.

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